Girls Talk/Tjejsnack


Three short documentaries by Hanna Heilborn & David Aronowitsch

Girls Talk/Tjejsnack is a part of the campaign "There are a lot of reasons not to do drugs" screened in MTV 2006. The films are based on interviews with two girls of nineteen. They are talking about their addiction and describe both the appeal of drugs and the backsides. The films explore visually the story without exposing the subjects and use a variation of techniques like animation and infrared cameras. The work of finding new visual solutions and to tell stories in non-traditional ways that started in Hidden continues.

The films were awarded a "Silver Egg" in the The Golden Egg award. And Nominated for The Kolla award.

Production facts

Client:The Swedish National Drug Policy Coordinator
Advertising Agency: Futurniture AB
Year: 2006
Agency Producer: Peter Füle
Agency Art Director: Fredrik Nilsson
Agency Copy Writer: Jenny Gromark
Agency coordinator: Johan Kinnman
Directors: Hanna Heilborn & David Aronowitsch
Camera, graphics & animation: Jonas Nilsson & Carolina Zell
Music: Anthony Mills
Research & assistent: Jonas Fagerlund
Economy: Jenny Örnborn
Sound & mix: Anders Nyström
Online & color-grading: sto.pp
Production: Story AB

Thanks to:
FLIR Systems
GE-Healthcare, Uppsala Imanet AB
Toll & 2
Johan Heilborn
F 12 Terassen
Per Sundström,
And foremost many thanks to the participants


Stockholm -75

The story of a former RAF-terrorist by David Aronowitsch

In April 1975 Commando Holger Meins occupies the West German Embassy in Stockholm. They want to liberate RAF-prisoners like Andreas Baader, Ulrike Meinhof and Gudrun Ensslin. The terrorists execute two hostages. The occupation ends with an explosion and defeat for the terrorists. Karl-Heinz Dellwo is sentenced to jail. He is 23. Twenty years later he is released. Today he lives in Hamburg and has created a new life for himself but he will always be haunted by his violent past.

Rent/buy on Vimeo On Demand. English subtitles.

Production facts

Format: DigiBeta
Duration: 59 minutes
Year: September 2003
Director:David Aronowitsch
Producer: Antonio Russo Merenda,
Camera: Göran Olsson, Marek Wieser, Tomaz Blanc
Editing: Dominika Daubenbüchel SFK
Music: Jonas Bohlin
Graphics: Stefania Malmsten
Title sequence: Göran Olsson/Slide
Dramaturgist: Hanna Heilborn
Sound editing & mix: Anders Nyström/Story Sound
Research & translation: Nicole Selmer
Research, Sweden: Malla Grapengiesser
Translation: Petra Johansson
Prod. coordinators: Maite Woköck,
Beate Wirtz, Hüseyin Tabak
Produced by Hysteria Film AB
In co-production with:
Story AB, MMM-Filmproduktion, U. Zimmermann, Hamburg
With the support of: SVT/ Dokumentären, Ingemar Persson
Svenska Filminstitutet, filmkonsulent Niklas Rådström
FilmFörderung Hamburg
Nordisk Film- & TV Fond, Eva Færevaag
YLE/FST Co-productions, Jenny Westergård

More information
David Aronowitsch
Antonio Russo Merenda

International Festivals
The Swedish Film Institute
Att. Andreas Fock
Box 27126 102 52 Stockholm
Tel. +46-8-665 11 41
Fax. +46-8-666 36 98


A forum for short documentaries

From 1999 to 2002 Story produced the television program Ikon for the Swedish Television. Ikon focused on the short creative documentary. Short documentaries can be funny, dramtic, experimental and drastic. Animations and art films with a documentary base were also screened in Ikon. Young talented filmmakers made films and more experienced filmmakers could experiment. 122 films were screened in 34 programs. During four years the short documentary genre in Sweden got production money and a window in Public-service Television. A majority of the films were commissioned but there were also acquisitions of Swedish and foreign films. Ikon-films have been in festivals all over the world and received international awards.

Production facts

Editorial staff 1999 – 2002: Göran Olsson, Patrick Bratt, Mia Engberg,
Lotta Erikson, David Aronowitsch
Graphics: Stefania Malmsten
Jingles and vignettes: Slide
Coordination: Jenny Örnborn, Anna Wennegren
On-line: Daniel Jonsäter
Economy: Anders Önnerfält
Sound: Anders Nyström, Henrik Lörstad, Jonas Bohlin
Musical adviser: Sahar Sorati
Assistants: Malin Björkman-Widell, Halvard Walldén
Project-managers SVT: Otto Fagerstedt, Björn Arvas, Ingemar Persson, Ulla Nilsson
Many thanks to: Yvonne Rock, Jonas Anderson, PeÅ Holmqvist, Jan-Olof Gurinder, Peter Hald, Lena Hansson-Varhegyi, Lars Hedenstedt, Mikael Olsson, Bengt Toll, Anita Oxburgh, Ragnar Berthling, Pia Hallonsten

Filmmakers and professionals who made films for or screened their work in Ikon/ SVT:
Carl-Johan de Geer, David Flamholc, Mårten Nilsson, Tania Unia, Juan Ruz, Masoud Morshedi, Mia Engberg, Johan Hellström, Rikke Houd, Richard Kenworthy, Tomas Almgren, Boella, Bigert & Bergström, Tana Ross, Lotta Erikson, Micki Dedijer, Petra Bauer, Gabriella Bier, Balsam Hellström, Greger Ulf Nilson, Milk Projects, Alberto Hersckovits, Tove Torbiörnsson, Camilla Roos, Malgorzata Szumowska, Mary Lee Copeland, Ninni Hasselberg, Jean Louis Huhta, Håkan Engström, Stefan Spett, Erik Gandini, Carmilla Floyd, Beate Grimsrud, Stefan Wrenfelt, Light Surgeons, Tinna Joné, Manuel Cubas, Babak Najafi, David Reeves, Richard Solars, Marika Heidebäck, Karolina Ramqvist, Nanna Huolman, Birgitta Jansson, Susanna Edwards, Mikael Katzeff, Jan Alvemark, Channa Bankier, Kirsi Nevanti, Jockum Nordström, Pål Hollender, Malin Skjöld, Sonja Östergren, Anna Gerdén, Eric M Nilsson, Marita Gatte, Michel Wenzer, Tarek Saleh, Helle Toft Jensen, Helen Levitt, Agnieszka Lukasiak, Stefan Jarl, Jesper Andersson, D.A Pennebaker, Jan Troell, Staffan Lamm, Peter Davis, Don de Fina, Erik Bäfving, Ruben Östlund, Ewa Cederstam, Peter Magnusson, Anna Fröman, Bogdan Dziworski, Jesper Nordahl, Tove Falk-Olsson, Jenny Bergman, Aardman Animation, Anita Malmqvist, Ali Boriri, Leo Brusewitz, Sergej Dvortsevoj, Håkan Berthas, Johan Bjerkner, Stefan Sundlöf, Hanna Heilborn, Mats Johansson, Catti Brandelius, Esias Baitel, Måns Månsson, Daniel Moll, Mathilda Alborn, Terese Mörnvik, Spike Jonze, Freddy Olsson, Martina Iverus, Anne Möller Bondesson, Fredrik Gertten, Dominika Daubenbüchel, Marek Wieser, Eugene Paramoer, Vaughan Giose, Martina Della Tonga, Peter Palm, Tomas Lagerman, Mikadelica, Bernard Winkler, Shane Walter and more.


Ikon South Africa


a platform for the creative documentary


Ikon South Africa is a platform for the short creative documentary in South Africa. It is cooperation between Ikon/Sweden and Ikon/South Africa since 1999. The project is supported by the Swedish – South African Culture Partnership Programme.

Production facts

Contact South Africa:
Ikon-South Africa
Rainbow Circle Films
Martina Della Togna
Vaughan Giose
PO Box 44 Matroosfontein 7489
South Africa
Tel. +27 21 933 1514
Fax +27 21 933 3102

Contact Sweden:
Göran Olsson
David Aronowitsch
Ikon/ Story AB
Tel.+46-8-15 62 80

Bitch & Butch

Behind the scenes of Selma & Sofie

We follow the collaboration and discussions behind the scenes of the erotic film Selma & Sofie. Sara and Camilla - who play the leading parts - come from a small place in the north of Sweden, and have never done anything like this before.

Rent/buy on Vimeo On Demand. Language: Swedish. No subtitles.

Production facts

Production year: 2003
Duration: 45 min
Director: Mia Engberg and Nanna Huolman
Camera: Nanna Huolman, Sara Swanson
Sound: Sara Swansson,Marie-Louise Nilebrink
Editing: Eva Hillström
Producer: Lotta Suarez
With the support of: The Swedish Film Institute, SVT Documentary Dept. Björn Arvas Production Company: Story AB

Suburban Songs/165 Hässelby

A documentary by Mia Engberg

Suburban Songs (165 Hässelby) is a film about Ayesha, Frazze, Julio and "Dino" who live in the high-rise blocks around Hässelby Gård. This is a film about wanting to change the world; about painting graffiti although you might end up in jail; about dealing with Swedish authorities when you don't speak Swedish that well; and about being expelled from school because you have ADHD. But above all, this is an homage to the suburbs ofStockholm, and to the people who live there.


Production facts

Duration: 58 min
Director: Mia Engberg
Camera: Malin Korkeasalo, EwaCederstam, Göran Olsson
Editing: Eva Hillström, Daniel Jonsäter, Mia Engberg
Producer: Jenny Örnborn, Story AB
With the support of:: The Swedish Film Institute/Hjalmar Palmgren, SVT Documentary Dept. Björn Arvas, Nordic Film & TV Fund/ Eva Færevaag, NRK
Production Company: Story AB


The Swedish Cancer Society/Cancerfonden


Six commercials for the Swedish Cancer Society/ Cancerfonden. They are a part of the campaign ”We are going to defeat cancer. Do you want to join?”/ Vi tänker besegra cancer. Vill du vara med?”

Production facts

Client: The Swedish Cancer Society/Cancerfonden
Advertising Agency: WatersWidgren AB
Art Director: Patric Waters
Copy Writer: Johan Nilsson
Agency Producer: Per Oholt
Production Company: Story AB
Director and cinematographer: Göran Olsson
Producer: David Aronowitsch
Line Producer: Katarina Wåhlberg
Post Production: sto.pp
Sound: Ljudligan


Bertil and Maggan

A documentary

A documentary about Bertil and Maggan, a couple since 20 years. An intense and unsentimental depiction of the doubts, the tensions and the lack of respect in this relation of love and hatred.

Production facts

Format: DigiBeta
Duration: 28 minutes
Year: September 2003
Director: JH Engström
Producer: Jenny Örnborn
Editor: Kajsa Grandell
Music: Amanda Ooms
Sound: Anders Nyström



The story of a Bulgarian bear owner

The Roma tradition of making a living on dancing bears has gone from father to son for more than a thousand years. In 2000 the animal rights organizations Vier Pfoten and the Brigitte Bardot Foundation decided to end this tradition in Bulgaria. Stefan Dimov Ivanov is one of the last "mechkar", a profession that is now coming to an end. This film tells the story about him and his companion Stefka, the bear, during their last days together.

Production facts

Language: Bulgarian
Subtitles: English 

Shooting format: s-16mm, colour
Final format: DigiBeta
Duration: 29 minutes
Director and camera: Albin Biblom
Sound: Svetoslav Stefanov Dimov
Editor: Thomas Lagerman

Sound mix: Anders Nyström,
Translation: Bo Lundgren,
Producers: Göran Olsson and Jenny Örnborn
Production company: Story AB
Supported by: Hjalmar Palmgren, Swedish Film Institute and Joakim Strand, Film i Skåne


Big Mike


A documentary

A film about a Swedish aborigin on a journey in search of his roots. Produced by Nordisk Film och TV in cooperation with SVT, Dokumentär, Håkan Berthas och Hanna Heilborn (Story). Mike was born in Cherbourg, Australia, a former reservation for indigenous australians. Just a couple of days old he’s adopted by a swedish couple living in the country. When the film starts Mike has no family left, he is 21 years old and stays at his best friends home in Northern Sweden, dreaming of becoming a rap-artist. One day he gets a phone call. It’s a woman saying she’s his biological mum in Australia…. From there we follow Mike during three crucial years, on a journey that will change his life forever.

Production facts

Directing and Script: Hanna Heilborn
Directing and camera: Håkan Berthas
Editing: Stefan Sundlöf
Assistant Editing: Johan Bjerkner
Sound Mix: Anders Nyström
Graphic Design: Mats Johansson, Acne
Producer: Stefan Sundlöf
Executive Producer: Helena Sandemark Onsum
Creative Producer: Per Lapins
Produced by: Nordisk Film och TV in cooperation with SVT, Dokumentär Björn Arvas, Håkan Berthas och Hanna Heilborn (Story) together with ABC Australia Dasha Ross, NRK Tore Tomter, with the support by Nordisk Film och TV-fond Eva Færevaag and Film i Västernorrland.

The Entrepreneurs


A documentary

Three entrepreneurs from a fancy part of Stockholm have a spectacular idea. They want to turn the Bible into a coffee-table book looking like a glossy fashion magazine. They try to engage some of the hippest photographers and models to visualize the old texts. Their dream is to have Madonna, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell and Marcus Schenkenberg in biblical roles. And to make big cash with their dazzling project.

Production facts

Duration: 58 minutes
Year: 2003
Format: Digibeta
Director: Tove Falk-Olsson
Camera: Åsa Hoflin
Editing: Göran Olsson
Graphic: Stefania Malmsten
Executive producers: Göran Olsson & David Aronowitsch
Producer: Jenny Örnborn
Production company: Story AB

En film om Olle Ljungström/A film about Olle Ljungström

A documentary by Jacob Frössén

I januari 2006 ringde Jacob Frössén upp Olle Ljungström utan att känna honom särskilt väl för att fråga om han fick göra en film om honom. Olle bemötte idén med stor entusiasm ”Du anar inte hur smickrad jag blir...” ”Du får filma allt förutom när jag går på toaletten”, med dom orden på minnet har regissören Jacob Frössén nu följt Olle de senaste tre åren.
Största delen av filmen filmade Jacob själv, en medveten tanke, det var viktigt att känna att det inte fanns ett filmteam bakom kameran och i kulisserna. Detta gav resultat i att han och Olle kom varandra väldigt nära under filmandet, vilket har avspegling i filmen.

Olle Ljungströms karriär började i bandet Reeperbahn i slutet av 70-talet och följdes upp på 90-talet som hyllad soloartist, de senaste åren har varit tysta men nu är äntligen något på gång. Detta är filmen om mannen som slog igenom som mycket ung och sedan dess levt mer än de flesta.

Rent/buy on Vimeo On Demand. Language: Swedish. No subtitles.

Premiär: 23 januari, Folkets bio, visas i Stockholm, Malmö, Lund, Norrköping och Västerås
Tider för biografvisning i Stockholm:
Fre-sö. kl. 18.00, lö-sö även kl. 15.00
Mån - to 18.45,  Pris 50kr.

TV-sändning: 27 februari

Production facts

Längd: 57 minuter
Inspelningsformat: DVcam
Leveransformat: Digibeta
Visningsformat: Digibeta, DVD
Aspect ratio: 16:9 anamorfisk
Produktionsår: 2009
Inspelning: januari 2006 – november 2008
Klippning: höst/vinter 2008

Regi: Jacob Frössén
Produktionsbolag: Story AB
Producenter: David Aronowitsch och Göran Olsson / Story AB

Samproducent: SVT STOCKHOLM / Kultur, projektledare Vera Bonnier
Stöd från: Film Stockholm, Ulf Andersson-Greek samt Svenska Filminstitutet, Tove Torbiörnsson

Foto: Jacob Frössén
Foto och Ljud under intervjuer: Anders Kronborg
Ljudmix: Anders Nyström
Klipp: Thomas Lagerman
Text & Musik: Olle Ljungström & Heinz Liljedahl, Reeperbahn (Ljunsgtröm & Sundqvist)
Grafik: Jacob Frössén
Konsult: Dino Jonsäter
Koordinator: Annika Rogell

Stillbildsfoto från: Misse Ljungström, Anders Ljungström, Olle Ljungström, Helene Schmitz, Pelle Sundqvist, Peter von Gegerfelt, Ola Andersson, Tomas Gidén, Eddie Sjöberg, Ullis Wesley, Jouni Tervalampi, Anti Wendel, Johan Ödmann
Arkivmaterial och Super 8 från: Anders Ljungström, Mats Wigerdal, SVT, Z-TV, SF, TV8

Presskontakt: Jacob Frössén
Tel: 070-7555029

jpg olle-6.jpg
jpg olle-8.jpg
jpg olle_jakob.jpg

At Night I Fly

A feature-length documentary by Michel Wenzer


At Night I Fly is a poetic testimony from a secluded world. New Folsom is one of the strictest prisons in the USA. A brutal world with riots, heavily armed guards and murders between rivaling gangs. In the middle of this there is also hope. In the film we meet several prisoners sentenced to life who take part in the programme Arts in Correction, where they meet over racial borders and gang hierarchies. These men have grown during their time in prison, they have learnt what it really means to be a human being. At night I Fly is film about the power of art.

Rent/buy on Vimeo On Demand (Nordic countries only). English subtitles.

SvD: "Fascinerande" (5 out of 6)

Dagens Nyheter: "Elegant fängelsereportage blir en lovsång till konsten" (4 out of 5)
Expressen: "Intressanta och gripande dokumentären" (link)



Production facts

Duration: one version 56 min. and one feature version 88 min.
Director: Michel Wenzer
Camera: Albin Biblom and Eric Börjeson
Editing, Sound, Music: Michel Wenzer
Sound Editing and Mix: Jan Alvermark
Producer: Tobias Janson
Co-producer: Louise Køster/Pausefilm Aps
Supported by: The Swedish Television/Lars Säfström
The Swedish Film Institute/Tove Torbiörnsson
The Nordic Film and TV Fund/Eva Færevaag
The Danish Film Institute/Jakob Høgel
The Danish Radio /DR/Mette Davidsen-Nielsen
International sales: The Yellow Affair, Miira Paasilinna

Website :

Am I Black Enough For You with HRH Billy Paul

A feature documentary by Göran Olsson


- That one thing I told you Göran, why do you do so much work? Sometimes why did I do that song ? Because every song I do has a meaning. Mrs. Jones had a real meaning because there was a Mrs. Jones, and haven't even told you the story about Mrs. Jones.
- Please do.
- My wife is not Mrs. Jones. And she says one thing don't call me Mrs. Jones because I'm no Mrs. Jones! And we get into that later on... Mohammed Ali introduce me to her, I leave it to that. Me and my wife had broken up and I went to Louisville, Kentucky, and he was waiting for me at the airport, and I was is distress because I didn't want to break up with my wife at that time, but he said take the night of I'm going to introduce you somebody. And so the story started to happened, and I also got picked up in pieces as we moved along. I knew you where gonna ask me that question, it's so funny because when I started to sing that song I didn't know everybody had a Mrs. Jones. The hole world had a Mrs. Jones.

Rent/buy on Vimeo On Demand. English subtitles.

Production facts

Interviews, camera and sound
Schnittmeister ANDERS REFN
Additional Sound ÅSA JACOBSSON

Production Assistants
Produced by STORY AB

With support by
The Swedish Film Instituet / Tove Torbiörnsson The Nordic Film & TV Fond / Eva Færevaag 
The Danish Film Institute / Michael Haslund-Christensen The Finnish Film Foundation / 
Miia Haavisto The Swedish Arts Grants Committee The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency / The Department of Arts and Culture / The Swedish National Arts Council     
In association with ETV / Marje Jurtshenko NRK / Tore Tomter YLE Teema Ateljee / Outi Saarikoski 
DR / Flemming Grentz and Rainbow Circle Films
© 2009 Story AB and Sveriges Television AB

jpg billy_paul_director_g_ollson.JPG
jpg billy_paul_from_aibefy.jpg
jpg billy_paul_from_aibefy_1.jpg
jpg billy_paul_from_aibefy_10.jpg
jpg billy_paul_from_aibefy_11.jpg
jpg billy_paul_from_aibefy_3.jpg
jpg billy_paul_from_aibefy_6.jpg
jpg billy_paul_from_aibefy_7.jpg
pdf AIBEFU_poster_jpeg.pdf
jpg BillyPaul_3550.jpg
m4v Blanche_Billy.jpg


Title sequence for SVT

Title sequence for the Swedish Television Contemporary art series.
With Stefania Malmsten.

Production facts

Client: SVT Kulturedaktionen
Emelie Persson and Henrik Stockare
Postproduction: Sto.p.p.
Directors: Stefania Malmsten and Goran Olsson

At Night I Fly television debut & DVD release



Both the DVD's of At Night I Fly and its prelude, Three Poems by Spoon Jackson, are now available on Story's webshop (link).

Michel Wenzer's At Night I Fly, winner of a Guldbagge and Tempo award, has its international television premiere this Friday at 20.00 on Swedish public broadcasting channel SVT 2. The one-hour version of the documentary is featured in K special, the channel's program series focussing on cultural films.

17 April 2012

Related films

At Night I Fly

Duration: one version 56 min. and one feature version 88…


Tobias Janson

Fonko (TV series)


A television series about the musical revolution taking place in Africa today - narrated by Neneh Cherry

While southern Europe is crumbling, Angola is the world’s fastest growing economy. In Africa’s rapidly developing cities, urban musicians are creating sounds that have come to define the new generation. Urban music like kuduro, coupé-décalé and azonto have arisen out of social change and have come to define a new African identity shaped by post-colonial consciousness. In a six part television series, the ”Fonko” team will meet the most exciting musicians, djs and bloggers from Angola, Senegal, Nigeria and other countries in their home environments, as well as international artists who have been influenced by modern African music.


Production facts

Year of production: 2013/2014

Shooting format: HD
Duration: 6x28 minutes, 3x52 minutes, 90 minute feature version
Directors: Daniel Jadama & Lars Lovén
Creative director: Göran Olsson
Producer: Tobias Janson
Narration: Neneh Cherry
Camera: Ania Winiarska
Editing: Mikael Jönsson
Graphic design: Sepidar Hosseini

Produced by Story AB

in co-production with Eva Beckman/SVT, Jutta Krug/WDR and Esther van Messel/First Hand Film
Supported by Cecilia Lidin/SFI, Jane Roscoe/SBS, YLE, DR, NRK

World Sales: First Hand Films


pdf Pressrelease Fonko TV SVE.pdf
zip Presskit Fonko TV
zip Presskit Fonko TV
pdf Pressrelease Fonko TV ENG.pdf
jpg Göran_Hugo_Olsson_The_Black_Power_Mixtape_1967-1975 copy.jpg

Sara-Vide Ericson

A documentary about Swedish artist Sara-Vide Ericson by Jacob Frössén

Jag börjar alltid med att iscensätta mina målningar in i minsta detalj, i en typ av ritual eller performance. Sen fotograferar jag det och det blir en skiss, som jag sen släpper - för att helt låta måleriet ta över.”

Konstnären Sara-Vide Ericson vägrar ligga lågt med sin egen uppfattning av världen. Det är i hennes målningar och bildvärld, som saker som kan uppfattas som genant och högst personligt, kan bli till något äkta och allmängiltigt.

Ofta saknar jag någonting som kan funka som en metafor för en känsla, eller för något ordlöst, men som vi alla delar. Det behövs avtryck av de tillstånd som vi inte kan beskriva, de saker som vi hela tiden upplever i vår medvetna eller omedvetna värld. Ni vet, de där undermedvetna förnimmelserna som rör upp saker inom oss, utan att vi vet var de kom från och framförallt var de höll till - tills nu.

Jacob Frösséns film dokumenterar startskedet av en ung konstnärs karriär. Vi får under en intensiv period följa hennes liv och skapandeprocess; från källarlokalen ”Ateljé Framstjärten” i Stockholm, till det stora ljusa rummet i det gamla kråkslottet ute på landet. Likaså följer vi utvecklingen från den första separatutställningen på det ansedda Galleri Magnus Karlsson i Stockholm, till den andra på samma galleri två år senare, via bl.a. en utställning i New York.

Ett närgånget porträtt av en ung konstnärs liv, där strävan efter att realisera sina visioner inte alltid är helt lätt och självklart. Speciellt inte i en omvärld som vill definiera det du gör, i relation till om du är man eller kvinna.


Outspoken and brazenly open, Swedish painter Sara-Vide Ericson makes her most intimate relationships the subject of her art. Filmmaker Jacob Frössén follows Ericson from her first solo exhibition in 2010 through to her second big exhibition at the prestigious Galleri Magnus Karlsson in Stockholm. As her personal life takes twists and turns, her artistic expression finds new forms. Based on intimate footage of the artist at work in her atelier, on trips to New York, and in her home in the countryside, the film focuses on relationships and how personal and creative journeys influence one another.

Rent/buy on Vimeo On Demand. Language: Swedish. No subtitles.

Production facts

Format: HD
Director: Jacob Frössén
Producer: Göran Olsson
Co-producer: SVT STOCKHOLM / K special, projektledare Emelie Persson.

Babels Torn på Bobi Bar


A political dark comedy about today’s most contagious ideology - nationalism

Premieres December 28, 19.00 on SVT.

The director’s uncle Dodo passes by Bobi Bar in central Copenhagen a couple of times a week to knock back a tomato juice or two. There he meets his ideological foe, Kaj, a Danish People’s Party man. They cannot stand one another, but are unable to resist each other’s company. ”Everybody else is afraid to talk to me, they stare mutely into their magazines, but Kaj, at least you talk, even though most of what you say is rubbish”, says Dodo. They argue over Muslims, Swedes and capitalism with equal amounts of hostility and humor. A political dark comedy about today’s most contagious ideology – nationalism.


Production facts

Babels Torn på Bobi Bar

Length: 29 minutes 
Director: Gabriella Bier

Cinematographer: Albin Biblom

Editor: Dominika Daubenbüchel
Sound Editing: Anders Nyström
Graphic Art: Max Munck
, Frida Everling
Producer: Anna-Maria Kantarius
Executive Producer: Tobias Janson
Production company: Story AB

In co-production with: Sveriges Television

Supported by:The Swedish Film Institute/Cecilia Lidin, Tove Torbiörnsson, SVT/Lars Säfström, Konstnärsnämnden 


Fuck You, Fuck You Very Much

The film with Leila K

Groundbreaking storytelling from the hard times of the 90’s.

Rent/buy on Vimeo On Demand. English subtitles.

Production facts

Director: Göran Olsson in collaboration with Carl-Johan Lindgren, Mia Engberg, David Aronowitsch and Patrick Bratt.
Financed by: The Swedish Filminstitute, Nordisk Film and TV Fund, The Swedish Television SVT, YLE, DR and NRK.

yfvm_leila_k_2 FYFVM_Leila_K_2
yfvm_leila_k_1 FYFVM_Leila_K_1
yfvm_leila_k_3 FYFVM_Leila_K_3
yfvm_leila_k_4 FYFVM_Leila_K_4
yfvm_leila_k_5 FYFVM_Leila_K_5
yfvm_leila_k_6 FYFVM_Leila_K_6

Jag ville va doms kompis - Wanted to be friends


A film by Marika Heidebäck

"We played hide and seek, but they only looked for the others. Not me. They found all them others. 'cept for me." What's it like when you want to join in the games and think that the others don't want to be friends with you. What's it like to home alone through the center of town where the big kids hang. The children we meet are between six and nine years old and all attend the same recreation center. They all try find their place and way of belonging in the group.

Production facts

Director: Marika Heidebäck
Producer: Jenny Örnborn
Productions assistants:
Mia Engberg och Göran Olsson

Supported by: SVT Documentary/Ulla Nilsson, The Swedish Film Institute/Hjalmar Palmgren



Commercials based on news-footage

KPA Pension is a pension-company that takes social responsibility by working for a sustainable future. Tobacco is one of four commercials produced by Story for KPA.

Production facts

Client: KPA Pension
Agency: Abbynorm, Copy-writer Håkan Nyberg
Director: Göran Olsson
Agency producer: Mary Lee Sjönell / Copeland
Music: Plan 8
Post production: stop.p
Production year: 2006



Rodebjer Autum/Winter 2006.

Production facts

Directed by Göran Olsson and Stefania Malmsten

100 Lax

Title sequence for ZTV

The new series for the new talent in television on ZTV.

Production facts

Directed by Stefania Malmsten and Göran Olsson

Client: ZTV / Jenny Seth and Christer Ekholm


Henric de la Cour

A film by Jacob Frössén

”I’ve always had the attitude that my music should sound more like a funeral than a birthday party.”

-Henric de la Cour

A feature-length documentary film about the musician Henric de la Cour. A reluctant anti-hero of the Swedish music scene, de la Cour made a name for himself as singer in the groups Yvonne and Strip Music in the 1990s and 2000s while battling with cystic fibrosis since he was a child. Filmmaker Jacob Frössén’s film portrays de la Cour’s struggle with a rare disease that he has kept secret for most of his life, and which has largely influenced the dark and moving music he makes. A film about confronting your own mortality and making the most of it, the creative process as a desire to create light out of darkness, and about music as a form of personal survival.

Rent/buy on Vimeo On Demand. Language: Swedish. No subtitles.

Production facts

Director: Jacob Frössén

Producer: Göran Olsson

Format: HD

Co-produced by: SVT STOCKHOLM / SVT Dokumentär, projectleader Otto Fagerstedt.
With support from the Swedish Film Institute, Tove Torbiörnsson.



Premiär för Fonko på SVT2

Wanlov the Kubulor, en av Ghanas mest kontroversiella artister.

Wanlov the Kubulor, en av Ghanas mest kontroversiella artister. 

20 september kl 19.00 har Fonko premiär på SVT2. Fonko är en serie om det nya Afrika sett genom storstadsmusiken. Berättare är Neneh Cherry.

Vår tids stora musikaliska revolution pågår just nu i Afrika och påverkar hundratals miljoner människor. Kuduro, coupé-décalé och azonto är klubbmusik byggd på traditionella rytmer och har blivit identitetsbärande för en hel generation. Fonko är en dokumentärserie om musik och dramatisk samhällsomvandling.

Medan Sydeuropa står på ruinens brant är länder som Angola, Ghana, Nigeria och Zambia bland världens snabbast växande ekonomier. Den hastiga moderniseringen innebär minskad fattigdom, men också ökande inkomstklyftor, sekularisering och konflikter mellan tradition och modernitet. Allt det här speglas i musiken.
I Fonko får man träffa de smartaste och roligaste artisterna, bloggarna och producenterna i deras hemmiljöer. I kåkstäder, lyxvillor och på scen.

En tv-serie av Lamin Daniel Jadama, Lars Lovén, Göran Hugo Olsson och Tobias Janson.
Berättad av Neneh Cherry

11 September 2014