Suburban Songs/165 Hässelby

A feature documentary by Mia Engberg

Suburban Songs (165 Hässelby) is a film about Ayesha, Frazze, Julio and "Dino" who live in the high-rise blocks around Hässelby Gård. This is a film about wanting to change the world; about painting graffiti although you might end up in jail; about dealing with Swedish authorities when you don't speak Swedish that well; and about being expelled from school because you have ADHD. But above all, this is an homage to the suburbs ofStockholm, and to the people who live there.


Production facts

Duration: 78 min
Director: Mia Engberg
Camera: Malin Korkeasalo, EwaCederstam, Göran Olsson
Editing: Eva Hillström, Daniel Jonsäter, Mia Engberg
Producer: Jenny Örnborn, Story AB
With the support of:: The Swedish Film Institute/Hjalmar Palmgren, SVT Documentary Dept. Björn Arvas, Nordic Film & TV Fund/ Eva Færevaag, NRK
Production Company: Story AB


Am I Black Enough For You with HRH Billy Paul

A feature documentary by Göran Olsson


- That one thing I told you Göran, why do you do so much work? Sometimes why did I do that song ? Because every song I do has a meaning. Mrs. Jones had a real meaning because there was a Mrs. Jones, and haven't even told you the story about Mrs. Jones.
- Please do.
- My wife is not Mrs. Jones. And she says one thing don't call me Mrs. Jones because I'm no Mrs. Jones! And we get into that later on... Mohammed Ali introduce me to her, I leave it to that. Me and my wife had broken up and I went to Louisville, Kentucky, and he was waiting for me at the airport, and I was is distress because I didn't want to break up with my wife at that time, but he said take the night of I'm going to introduce you somebody. And so the story started to happened, and I also got picked up in pieces as we moved along. I knew you where gonna ask me that question, it's so funny because when I started to sing that song I didn't know everybody had a Mrs. Jones. The hole world had a Mrs. Jones.

Production facts

Interviews, camera and sound
Schnittmeister ANDERS REFN
Additional Sound ÅSA JACOBSSON

Production Assistants
Produced by STORY AB

With support by
The Swedish Film Instituet / Tove Torbiörnsson The Nordic Film & TV Fond / Eva Færevaag 
The Danish Film Institute / Michael Haslund-Christensen The Finnish Film Foundation / 
Miia Haavisto The Swedish Arts Grants Committee The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency / The Department of Arts and Culture / The Swedish National Arts Council     
In association with ETV / Marje Jurtshenko NRK / Tore Tomter YLE Teema Ateljee / Outi Saarikoski 
DR / Flemming Grentz and Rainbow Circle Films
© 2009 Story AB and Sveriges Television AB

jpg billy_paul_director_g_ollson.JPG
jpg billy_paul_from_aibefy.jpg
jpg billy_paul_from_aibefy_1.jpg
jpg billy_paul_from_aibefy_10.jpg
jpg billy_paul_from_aibefy_11.jpg
jpg billy_paul_from_aibefy_3.jpg
jpg billy_paul_from_aibefy_6.jpg
jpg billy_paul_from_aibefy_7.jpg
pdf AIBEFU_poster_jpeg.pdf
jpg BillyPaul_3550.jpg
m4v Blanche_Billy.jpg

Am I Black Enough For You with HRH Billy Paul


a film by Göran Olsson


- That one thing I told you Göran, why do you do so much work? Sometimes why did I do that song ? Because every song i do has a meaning. Mrs Jones had a real meaning because there was a mrs Jones, and haven't even told you the story about mrs Jones.
- Please do.
- My wife is not mrs Jones. And she says one thing don´t call me mrs Jones because I'm no mrs Jones! And we get into that later on... Mohammed Ali introduce me to her, i leave it to that. Me and my wife had broken up and I went to Louisville Kentucky and he was waiting for me at the airport, and I was is distress because I didn't want to break up with my wife at that time, but he said take the night of I´m going to introduce you somebody. And so the story started to happened, and I also got picked up in pieces ass we moved along.
I knew you where gonna ask me that question, its so funny because when I started to sing that song i didn't know everybody had a mrs Jones. The hole world had a mrs Jones.

8 October 2006

Facing Genocide - Khieu Samphan and Pol Pot

A feature documentary by David Aronowitsch and Staffan Lindberg

The film Facing Genocide is a search into the personality of Khieu Samphan. He was the Head of state of one of the most brutal regimes ever, the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. We have followed him one and half year before his arrest in 2007. He is soon facing a trial and is charged with Crimes Against Humanity, War Crimes and Genocide. The film gives insight into his mindset, his life today and his close relation to Pol Pot. It is a unique story about an ex-leader the time before his arrest and before he is put on trial.

Others appearing in the film:
Theary Seng, lawyer and victim of the Khmer Rouge. She is Khieu Samphan’s antagonist in the film and also the voice of the victims.
Jacques Vergès, Khieu Samphan’s defence-lawyer often called the Devil's advocate.
So Socheat, Khieu Samphan’s wife, who has been with him since the beginning of the seventies.
Nuon Chea, ideologist and Head of Security of the Khmer Rouge.

Festivals etc.
Göteborg International Film Festival 2010
The Norwegian Short Film Festival, Grimstad 2010
Nordisk Panorama - 5 Cities Film Festival, Bergen 2010
Montreal World Film Festival (Montreal International Film Festival) 2010
Doc Lounge, the 19:th of October in Lund 2010
International Rome Film Festival 2010
Aarhus filmfestival 2010, Denmark
OSD.DOC – Östersunds dokumentärfestival 2010
Human Rights Human Wrongs Film Festival. Oslo, February 2011

Cinema Screenings Sweden etc.
Wednesday the 20:th of October in Stockholm, Zita/Folkets Bio and seminar with
Theary Seng, survivor and lawyer, the UN-lawyer Hans Corell. Moderator Jesper Bengtsson, Reporters without borders. 
Saturday the 23:th October in Stockholm, Zita/Folkets Bio and seminar with
Theary Seng, survivor and lawyer, Moderator Jesper Bengtsson, Reporters without borders.
Sunday the 24:th of October in Stockholm, Zita/Folkets Bio and seminar  screening with
Peter Fröberg Idling, author of “Pol Pots leende”, Brittis Edman, specialist on Cambodia and responsible for South East Asia, Civil Rights Defenders. Moderator Jesper Bengtsson, Reporters without borders.
Tuesday the 26:th of October, Malmö, Panora Seminar and seminar with Staffan Lindberg and Johan Ekblad,Human Rights-specialist.
Wednesday the 27:th of October, Västerås, Elektra/ Folkets Bio and s
eminar with David Aronowitsch and Brittis Edman, responsible for South East Asia, Civil Rights Defenders. Moderator Jesper Bengtsson, Reporters without borders.
Thursday the 28:th of October
, Göteborg, Hagabio/Folkets Bio, Hagabio and Q&A with David Aronowitsch Q&A.

Production facts

By David Aronowitsch and Staffan Lindberg

Duration: 94 min.

Year: 2010

Shooting format: Super 16 mm.

Producer: David Aronowitsch, Jenny Örnborn and Tobias Janson

Camera: Göran Olsson

Research: Puy Kea 

Music: Michel Wenzer

Editor: Torkel Gjørv

Dramaturgist: Jon Haukeland

Sound edit and mix: Anders Nyström

Graphic Design: Stefania Malmsten

Broadcasters and financiers: The Swedish Film Institute/Tove Torbiörnsson, The Norwegian Film Institute/Maria Fuglevaag Warsinski, Slate funding Media Plus Programme 2006, The Nordic Film and TV Fond/Eva Færevaag, NRK / Tore Tomter, VPRO/Nathalie Windhorst, Konstnärsnämnden/The Swedish Arts Grants Committee

In co-production with: The Swedish Television, SVT/Axel Arnö, Medieoperatørene Norway/Charlotte Røhder Tved, Filmregion Stockholm-Mälardalen/Jesper Bergom-Larsson

Contact for International Festivals:

Sara Yamashita Rüster/The Swedish Film Institute


phone: +46-(0)8 - 665 11 41




At Night I Fly

A feature-length documentary by Michel Wenzer


At Night I Fly is a poetic testimony from a secluded world. New Folsom is one of the strictest prisons in the USA. A brutal world with riots, heavily armed guards and murders between rivaling gangs. In the middle of this there is also hope. In the film we meet several prisoners sentenced to life who take part in the programme Arts in Correction, where they meet over racial borders and gang hierarchies. These men have grown during their time in prison, they have learnt what it really means to be a human being. At night I Fly is film about the power of art.

SvD: "Fascinerande" (5 out of 6)

Dagens Nyheter: "Elegant fängelsereportage blir en lovsång till konsten" (4 out of 5)
Expressen: "Intressanta och gripande dokumentären" (link)



Production facts

Duration: one version 56 min. and one feature version 88 min.
Director: Michel Wenzer
Camera: Albin Biblom and Eric Börjeson
Editing, Sound, Music: Michel Wenzer
Sound Editing and Mix: Jan Alvermark
Producer: Tobias Janson
Co-producer: Louise Køster/Pausefilm Aps
Supported by: The Swedish Television/Lars Säfström
The Swedish Film Institute/Tove Torbiörnsson
The Nordic Film and TV Fund/Eva Færevaag
The Danish Film Institute/Jakob Høgel
The Danish Radio /DR/Mette Davidsen-Nielsen
International sales: The Yellow Affair, Miira Paasilinna

Website :

The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975

A compilation feature documentary by Göran Olsson



The Black Power Mixtape is a compilation feature documentary film that displays the story of the African-American community 1967-1975, the people, the society and the style that fueled a change. Told with sparkling, beautiful and deep footage, lost in the archives in Sweden for 30 years.

“-Racism is a much more clandestine, much more hidden kind of phenomenon, but at the same time it's perhaps far more terrible than it's ever been. Racism, in the first place, is a weapon used by the wealthy to increase the profits they bring in by paying Black workers less for their work.
To understand how any society functions you must understand the relationship between the men and the women.
Well of course there's been a great deal of progress. We don't have laws that segregate black people within the society any longer.”
                    Angela Davis


Swedish cinema release April, 2011.

Sundance Film Festival / Berlinale Berlin International Film Festival / Ambulante / True or False / Miami International Film Festival / MoMA New Directors - New Films / San Francisco International Film Festival / Istanbul Film Festival / It's All True / Etc etc etc

Production facts

Written and Directed by: Göran Hugo Olsson
Produced by: Annika Rogell, Story AB

Co-Produced by: Joslyn Barnes & Danny Glover, Louverture Films

Music produced by Ahmir Khalib Questlove Thompson
Executive producer Corey Smyth for Blacksmith Corp
Featuring music by The Roots and Michael Jackson.
And singing by Erykah Badu

Art Director: Stefania Malmsten

Edited by: Göran Hugo Olsson & Hanna Lejonqvist

Including appearances by:
Stokely Carmichael (Kwame Ture), Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Eldridge Cleaver, Bobby Seale, Huey P. Newton, Emile de Antonio, Angela Davis

Including commentary voice by:
Erykah Badu, Talib Kweli, Harry Belafonte, Kathleen Cleaver, Angela Davis, Robin Kelley, Abiodun Oyewole, Sonia Sanchez, Bobby Seale, Questlove

With support from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee, the Swedish Film Institute, Swedish Television/ Axel Arnö, Nordisk Film & Tv Fond, Media Programme of the European Union, ZDF/ARTE, NRK, YLE, RTS and ERT.

jpg Angela_Davis_The_Black_Power_Mixtape_1967_1975.jpg
jpg Stokely_Carmichael_The_Black_Power_Mixtape_1967_1975.jpg
mov MIXTAPE_trailer_
jpg Angela_Davis_Bosse_Holmström.jpg
jpg Director G. Olsson.jpg
jpg Göran_Hugo_Olsson_The_Black_Power_Mixtape_1967-1975 copy.jpg

En film om Olle Ljungström/A film about Olle Ljungström

A documentary by Jacob Frössén

I januari 2006 ringde Jacob Frössén upp Olle Ljungström utan att känna honom särskilt väl för att fråga om han fick göra en film om honom. Olle bemötte idén med stor entusiasm ”Du anar inte hur smickrad jag blir...” ”Du får filma allt förutom när jag går på toaletten”, med dom orden på minnet har regissören Jacob Frössén nu följt Olle de senaste tre åren.
Största delen av filmen filmade Jacob själv, en medveten tanke, det var viktigt att känna att det inte fanns ett filmteam bakom kameran och i kulisserna. Detta gav resultat i att han och Olle kom varandra väldigt nära under filmandet, vilket har avspegling i filmen.

Olle Ljungströms karriär började i bandet Reeperbahn i slutet av 70-talet och följdes upp på 90-talet som hyllad soloartist, de senaste åren har varit tysta men nu är äntligen något på gång. Detta är filmen om mannen som slog igenom som mycket ung och sedan dess levt mer än de flesta.

Premiär: 23 januari, Folkets bio, visas i Stockholm, Malmö, Lund, Norrköping och Västerås
Tider för biografvisning i Stockholm:
Fre-sö. kl. 18.00, lö-sö även kl. 15.00
Mån - to 18.45,  Pris 50kr.

TV-sändning: 27 februari

Production facts

Längd: 57 minuter
Inspelningsformat: DVcam
Leveransformat: Digibeta
Visningsformat: Digibeta, DVD
Aspect ratio: 16:9 anamorfisk
Produktionsår: 2009
Inspelning: januari 2006 – november 2008
Klippning: höst/vinter 2008

Regi: Jacob Frössén
Produktionsbolag: Story AB
Producenter: David Aronowitsch och Göran Olsson / Story AB

Samproducent: SVT STOCKHOLM / Kultur, projektledare Vera Bonnier
Stöd från: Film Stockholm, Ulf Andersson-Greek samt Svenska Filminstitutet, Tove Torbiörnsson

Foto: Jacob Frössén
Foto och Ljud under intervjuer: Anders Kronborg
Ljudmix: Anders Nyström
Klipp: Thomas Lagerman
Text & Musik: Olle Ljungström & Heinz Liljedahl, Reeperbahn (Ljunsgtröm & Sundqvist)
Grafik: Jacob Frössén
Konsult: Dino Jonsäter
Koordinator: Annika Rogell

Stillbildsfoto från: Misse Ljungström, Anders Ljungström, Olle Ljungström, Helene Schmitz, Pelle Sundqvist, Peter von Gegerfelt, Ola Andersson, Tomas Gidén, Eddie Sjöberg, Ullis Wesley, Jouni Tervalampi, Anti Wendel, Johan Ödmann
Arkivmaterial och Super 8 från: Anders Ljungström, Mats Wigerdal, SVT, Z-TV, SF, TV8

Presskontakt: Jacob Frössén
Tel: 070-7555029

jpg olle-6.jpg
jpg olle-8.jpg
jpg olle_jakob.jpg

Stockholm -75

The story of a former RAF-terrorist by David Aronowitsch

In April 1975 Commando Holger Meins occupies the West German Embassy in Stockholm. They want to liberate RAF-prisoners like Andreas Baader, Ulrike Meinhof and Gudrun Ensslin. The terrorists execute two hostages. The occupation ends with an explosion and defeat for the terrorists. Karl-Heinz Dellwo is sentenced to jail. He is 23. Twenty years later he is released. Today he lives in Hamburg and has created a new life for himself but he will always be haunted by his violent past.

Production facts

Format: DigiBeta
Duration: 59 minutes
Year: September 2003
Director:David Aronowitsch
Producer: Antonio Russo Merenda,
Camera: Göran Olsson, Marek Wieser, Tomaz Blanc
Editing: Dominika Daubenbüchel SFK
Music: Jonas Bohlin
Graphics: Stefania Malmsten
Title sequence: Göran Olsson/Slide
Dramaturgist: Hanna Heilborn
Sound editing & mix: Anders Nyström/Story Sound
Research & translation: Nicole Selmer
Research, Sweden: Malla Grapengiesser
Translation: Petra Johansson
Prod. coordinators: Maite Woköck,
Beate Wirtz, Hüseyin Tabak
Produced by Hysteria Film AB
In co-production with:
Story AB, MMM-Filmproduktion, U. Zimmermann, Hamburg
With the support of: SVT/ Dokumentären, Ingemar Persson
Svenska Filminstitutet, filmkonsulent Niklas Rådström
FilmFörderung Hamburg
Nordisk Film- & TV Fond, Eva Færevaag
YLE/FST Co-productions, Jenny Westergård

More information
David Aronowitsch
Antonio Russo Merenda

International Festivals
The Swedish Film Institute
Att. Andreas Fock
Box 27126 102 52 Stockholm
Tel. +46-8-665 11 41
Fax. +46-8-666 36 98

Fuck You, Fuck You Very Much

The film with Leila K

Groundbreaking storytelling from the hard times of the 90’s.

Production facts

Director: Göran Olsson in collaboration with Carl-Johan Lindgren, Mia Engberg, David Aronowitsch and Patrick Bratt.
Financed by: The Swedish Filminstitute, Nordisk Film and TV Fund, The Swedish Television SVT, YLE, DR and NRK.

yfvm_leila_k_2 FYFVM_Leila_K_2
yfvm_leila_k_1 FYFVM_Leila_K_1
yfvm_leila_k_3 FYFVM_Leila_K_3
yfvm_leila_k_4 FYFVM_Leila_K_4
yfvm_leila_k_5 FYFVM_Leila_K_5
yfvm_leila_k_6 FYFVM_Leila_K_6



A documentary on Swedish fashion designer Ann-Sofie Back

The film focuses on her radical vision based on the concept of "aspirational glamour", i.e. a visual strategy in which one uses fashion as a kind of disguise to project a better self-image. "I work a lot with 'aspirational fabrics', faux fabrics that lie about their true identity. For example fabrics that are so ordinary that they tend to become invisible, a sequin fabric where the sequins are falling off or a velvet that looks good only at a distance. To me they represent a strive for perfection through fashion that is impossible to obtain in real life. I take interest in how we use fashion and clothes to transform ourselves into something that we are not. How we use fashion to hide our true identity and constantly fail in that ambition because there is no glamour in real life."
/ Ann-Sofie Back in BACK.
The film features Ann-Sofie Back at work in her London studio and during fashion shows in London and Paris.

Production facts

Directors: Stefania Malmsten, Maria Ben Saad Göran Olsson
Producer: Jenny Örnborn
Produced by: Pipel and Story AB for SVT (Swedish National Television)

Henric de la Cour

A film by Jacob Frössén

”I’ve always had the attitude that my music should sound more like a funeral than a birthday party.”

-Henric de la Cour

A feature-length documentary film about the musician Henric de la Cour. A reluctant anti-hero of the Swedish music scene, de la Cour made a name for himself as singer in the groups Yvonne and Strip Music in the 1990s and 2000s while battling with cystic fibrosis since he was a child. Filmmaker Jacob Frössén’s film portrays de la Cour’s struggle with a rare disease that he has kept secret for most of his life, and which has largely influenced the dark and moving music he makes. A film about confronting your own mortality and making the most of it, the creative process as a desire to create light out of darkness, and about music as a form of personal survival.


Production facts

Director: Jacob Frössén

Producer: Göran Olsson

Format: HD

Co-produced by: SVT STOCKHOLM / SVT Dokumentär, projectleader Otto Fagerstedt.
With support from the Swedish Film Institute, Tove Torbiörnsson.



Moon Rider

The feature-length documentary debut of Daniel Dencik

Moon Rider is a coming-of-age story about the bike rider Rasmus Quaade. The film follows young Rasmus’ struggle to become a professional rider, a rough and winding road through hell and back.

Shot on fragile Super8 and raw helmet-cam, it is a journey seen from the inside of a young man's head - it is a personal story entrusted to the spectator by Rasmus himself from his intimate diary. Rasmus has proven to have an extra ordinary talent for riding, but even if Rasmus’ physical abilities are extra ordinary and build for cycling, his mind is build for thinking. His constant reflections about life and death becomes his biggest obstacle in reaching his goal of becoming a World Champion. In order to win, he has to empty his head completely, but how do you clear your head, when every thought is a step in the wrong direction? The film paints an honest and heartbreaking picture of the extreme and lonely life of a young championship rider.

"An impressive first feature" - Indiewire

"It's not seen before, that the story is told from the inside. An extremely strong and vibrating film" - Jørgen Leth

Screened at  CPH:DOX 2012, Stockholm International Film Festival 2012.

Production facts

Production year: 2012 

Country of production: Denmark and Sweden
Running length: 82 min
Screening format: HD-Cam SR / 16:9 / stereo
Language: Danish, English, French, German

Director: Daniel Dencik
Sound: Rasmus Winther Jensen, Rasmus Winther Jensen
Music: Erik Enocksson
Director of photography: Daniel Dencik, Aske Alexander Foss
Editor: Daniel Dencik, Cathrine Ambus, Rasmus Gitz-Johansen, Theis Schmidt
Graphic art: Martin Hultman
Grading: Eric Hansson, Head & Tail
Producer: Monica Hellström / Dencik Film
Coproducer: Tobias Janson / Story AB

With support from New Danish Screen, Danish Film Institute, Swedish Film Institute (Cecilia Lidin)

International sales: LevelK /

Belleville Baby

A feature film by Mia Engberg

Premiere at Göteborg International Film Festival, nominated for Best Nordic Documentary. In Swedish cinemas Spring 2013.


A long distance call from a long lost lover makes her reminisce about their common past. She remembers the spring when they met in Paris, the riots, the vespa and the cat named Baby.

A film about love, time and things that got lost along the way.


Production facts


Year of production: 2013
Format: DCP, Blu-ray
Duration: 75min
Director: Mia Engberg
Producer: Tobias Janson
Music composer and Dramaturg: Michel Wenzer
Supervisor: Kalle Boman
Voice of Vincent: Olivier Desautel
First Assistant Director: Åsa Sandzén
Stills: Christian Demare
Sound design: Jan Alvermark
Sound mix: Jan Alvermark and Owe SvenssonCamera and editing: Mia Engberg
Additional Camera: Albin Biblom, Ewa Cederstam
Graphic Art: Jacob Frössén
Casting: Elsa Pharaon, Anne Agbadou-Masson, Catarina RamstedtProduction Assistants: Jeroen Pool, Sophie Vukovic, Tim Dahlberg
Grading: Martin Steinberg
Online: Rickard Petersen
Conform and Mastering: Mattias Olsson
Super8 scanner: Nordisk Film Post Production

Made with support from: Swedish Film Institute (Tove Torbiörnsson, Suzanne Glansborg), MEDIA Plus Slate Funding, Konstnärsnämnden, Centre Culturel Suédois.

In Co-production with: Sveriges Television, Ingemar Persson.

Production company: Story AB


Efter dig (After You)


A new feature documentary by Marius Dybwad Brandrud

"My mother is spending all her time with her dying father. I’m spending all my time filming her. As the end is getting closer, my mother and I start doing the filming more and more together. It becomes our way of dealing with the time we have left." Marius Dybwad Brandrud

Swedish premiere at Göteborg International Film Festival. Wednesday: 30/1 20.00 Biopalatset 2.

Production facts

Running time: 75 min
Original format: RED 4k
Screening format: DCP, 5.1
Director, Cinematographer, Editor: Marius Dybwad Brandrud
Producer: Tobias Janson
Sound Design: Jan Alvermark
Sound Mix: Jan Alvermark, Owe Svensson
Visual Effects: Erik Föhlenhag
Graphic Design: Bror Rudi Creative
Subtitles: Ingrid Eng

Produced with financial support from The Swedish Film Institute / Cecilia Lidin
Production company: Story AB


After You Swedish premiere at Göteborg International Film Festival


A feature documentary by Marius Dybwad Brandrud

"My mother is spending all her time with her dying father. I’m spending all my time filming her. As the end is getting closer, my mother and I start doing the filming more and more together. It becomes our way of dealing with the time we have left." Marius Dybwad Brandrud

Swedish premiere at Göteborg International Film Festival. Wednesday: 30/1 20.00 Biopalatset 2.


14 January 2013


Tobias Janson

Marius Dybwad Brandrud

Belleville Baby premiering at Göteborg International Film Festival


First feature-length film by Mia Engberg in years premieres January 29

After working on it for 5 years, Mia has finally put the finishing touches to Belleville Baby, her much-anticipated new feature-length film.

A long distance call from a long lost lover makes Mia reminisce about their common past. She remembers the spring when they met in Paris, the riots, the vespa and the cat named Baby. Belleville Baby is story about love, time and things that got lost along the way.

Belleville Baby is screening at the Göteborg International Film Festival on:

29 january 20.00 Stenhammarsalen (premiere, director in attendance)
30 january 17.30 Stenhammarsalen
31 january 15.30 Biopalatset 2
3 february 20.00 Biopalatset 2

Tickets can be bought here.

22 January 2013

Related films

Belleville Baby

  Year of production: 2013Format: DCP, Blu-rayDuration:…


Mia Engberg

Tobias Janson

Concerning Violence

A new feature documentary by Göran Hugo Olsson

Concerning Violence is a bold and fresh visual narrative from Africa based on archive material from Swedish documentaries 1966-1987 covering the most daring moments in the struggle for liberation from colonial rule. This powerful footage is combined with text from Frantz Fanon’s landmark book The Wretched of the Earth - written in 1960 and still a major tool for understanding and illuminating the neocolonialism happening today, as well as the unrest and the reactions against it. 

"Colonialism is not a thinking machine, nor a body endowed with reasoning faculties. It is violence in its natural state, and it will only yield when confronted with greater violence."

"Come comrades, the European game is finally over; we must look for something else. We can do anything today provided we do not ape Europe, provided we are not obsessed with catching up with Europe. Europe has gained such a mad and reckless momentum that it has lost control and reason and is heading at dizzying speed towards the brink from which we would be advised to remove ourselves as quickly as possible."

-Frantz Fanon

Read more:
The Guardian
The Village Voice



Production facts

Directed by: Göran Hugo Olsson
Based on Frantz Fanon's The Wretched of the Earth
Narrated by: Ms. Lauryn Hill
Preface by: Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak

Archival footage by:
Lennart Malmer & Ingela Romare/En nations födelse – Guinea Bissau, en före detta portugisisk koloni (1974), I vårt land börjar kulorna att blomma (1973), Mozambique är vårt land (1973)
Lennart Malmer & Per Källberg/Vredens poesi (1981)
Ingrid Dahlberg, Lars Hjelm & Roland Hjelte/Svart vecka i Nimba (1966)
Bo Bjelfvenstam & Jörgen Persson/Vita myror (1969)
Stig Holmqvist & Roland Hjelte/No baas - Nej herre (1973)
Leyla Assaf Tengroth & Ulf Simonsson/Interview with Thomas Sankara (1987)
Lis Asklund/Interview with Tonderai Makoni (1970)

Additional footage by: Stig Holmqvist, Per Olof Karlsson, Gaetano Pagano, Alf Buhre, Axel Lohmann, Isidro Romero, Jean Louis Normand, Robert van Lierop, Lars Westman, Gudrun Schyman, Rudi Spee, Per Sandén, Anders Ehnmark, Jean Hermanson, Yngve Baum, Bengt Åke Kimbré, Sten Rosenlund, Pierre Björklund, Inge Roos, Bo Holmqvist, Sven Åsberg, Jonathan Dimbleby, Bo Öhlén 

Produced by: Annika Rogell & Tobias Janson
Edited by: Michael Aaglund, Dino Jonsäter, Göran Hugo Olsson, & Sophie Vukovic
Art Director: Stefania Malmsten 
Assistant Director: Sophie Vukovic
Sound Design: Micke Nyström
Music: Neo Muyanga

Co-produced by: Joslyn Barnes & Danny Glover/Louverture Films, Monica Hellström/Final Cut for Real, Miia Haavisto/Helsinki Filmi, Otto Fagerstedt & Ingemar Persson/SVTAssociate Producers: Corey Smyth/Blacksmith Corp, Susan Rockefeller & Matthew Palevsky

With support from: The Swedish Film Institute/Cecilia Lidin, Swedish Television/Otto Fagerstedt & Ingemar Persson, the Finnish Film Foundation/Elina Kivihalme, YLE/Erkki Astala & Iikka Vehkalahti, the Danish Film Institute/Klara Grunning Harris, DR-K/Flemming Hedegaard, the Nordic Film & TV Fund/Karolina Lidin, the MEDIA programme, the Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program.

U.S. sales: Cinetic Media/Dana O'Keefe

International sales: Films Boutique/Gabor Greiner & Jean-Cristophe Simon.



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I am Dublin

A feature documentary by David Aronowitsch, Ahmed Abdullahi, Anna Persson and Sharmarke Binyusuf

A documentary beginning in a fictional story from a harsh reality. The film portrays Ahmed playing a character whose life mirrors his own. Ahmed is a Dublin-case like Daoud, the character he plays in the 30-minute fiction film "Dublin". Ahmed has been in Europe for six years, living in hiding in Sweden three years . When he arrived by boat to the Italian island Lampedusa, he was forced to leave his fingerprints. At that moment he became a Dublin-case. Italy was the first country in Europe and the Dublin Regulation stipulates that he can only apply for asylum there – it is called the principle of “first country of asylum.” Through the Dublin Regulation the EU has created a large group of young people drifting around Europe. The so-called Dublin-cases are deprived of all rights and thrown out from country to country in Europe.

Festivals, screenings etc.:
CineMigrante, Argentina 2016
Festival Intergalactique de l'Image Alternative, Brest 2016
Järvaplay festival, Stockholm June 2016
Screening at The Greek Film Archive, Athens, in cooperation with the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, 29 May
TRT Documentary Days, Panorama  Istanbul, May 14-15, 2016
ASN Convention at Columbia University, New York, April 2016
Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2016 March
One world festival 2016., Prague, March
DocPoint Helsinki Documentary Film Festival 2016, January, Finland
Which Human Rights? - Film Festival, Istanbul 5th-9th December 2015
ARF/Antirasistiska Filmdagarna Stockholm, Göteborg och Malmö
This human world- International Human Rights Festival, Vienna, 3-11 December, 2015
IDFA, Amsterdam, 18 – 29 November, 2015
Nordic Film Days Lübeck, 4-8 November 2015.
Zurich Film Festival, September 2015
IFI Documentary Film Festival Dublin, September 2015
DokuFest Kosovo in Prizren, Kosovo, August 2015
Clandestino Festival, Göteborg June 2015
Sheffield Doc/Fest. June 2015
Tempo Documentary Festival, Stockholm 2015.
The film got the main prize, the Tempo Documentary Award
Göteborg International Film Festival, Sweden, January 2015

Production facts

A film by Anna Persson, Ahmed Abdullahi, David Aronowitsch and Sharmarke Binyusuf

Year: 2015

Release: January 2015

Duration: 75 minutes

Idea/editing: David Aronowitsch

Interviews: Ahmed Abdullahi, Sharmarke Binyusuf

Camera: Anna Persson

Music: Michel Wenzer

Sound editing/mix: Anders Nyström

Graphics: Stefania Malmsten

Additional Camera: Micael Henriquez

Dramaturgist: Hanna Heilborn

Assistant editor: Hanna Storby

Grading: Martin Steinberg

Mastering: Mattias Valenca

Post-production assistants: Pasi Rutanen, Fredrik Sondén

Translation: Samatar Jama, Fowsi Jibril, Ilyas Mohamed Muse

Research/location manager Finland: Matti Kajander

Assistants: Elin Eriksson, Malin Hüber

Economy: Birgitta Öhrström, Eva Kjellin

Thanks to: Ina Holmqvist, Emelie Wallgren, Anita Dorazio, Lena Rösell, Anuta Sjungham, Lars Gagnér, The Binyusufs, Ulla Simonen, Rasmus Thord, Marta Dauliute, Elisabeth Marjanović Cronvall, Kerstin Brunnberg, Anna Fundin

Production Company: Story AB

Executive producer: Annika Rogell

Producer: David Aronowitsch 

With the support by: The Swedish Film Institute/ Cecilia Lidin, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee

In cooperation with: UR/ Daniel Pynnönen, Lena Hjorth

Excerpts from the short fiction Dublin © Story AB 2012, Actors: Ahmed Obsiye, Eva Melander, Ahmed Abdullahi, Leila Haji Linder, Director: David Aronowitsch, Assistant Director: Sharmarke Binyusuf, Producer: Annika Rogell, Camera: Göran Hugo Olsson, Costume: Susanna Dalström, Special Mask: Anders Bratås Et al.


She's Wild Again Tonight

Photo Nadja Hallström

Photo Nadja Hallström 

a film by Fia-Stina Sandlund

Actor Shima Niavarani and musician Gustaf Norén meet in director Fia-Stina Sandlund’s Brooklyn loft on the eve of the shoot of a radical interpretation of Strindberg’s Miss Julie. A professional encounter that develops into a passionate night and a personal battle against patriarchy.

Production facts

Title: She's Wild Again Tonight
Genre: Tragic Comedy
Duration: 97 min
Dialogue: Swedish & English
Subtitling versions: Swedish & English

With Shima Niavarani, Gustaf Norén and Jon Coombs

Swedish Release: November 2015
International Release: Spring 2016
Director: Fia-Stina Sandlund
Script: Josefine Adolfsson & Fia-Stina Sandlund
Producer: Tobias Janson
Line Producer/Production Manager: Malin Hüber
DoP: Daniel Takács
Editing: Britta Norell
Production Design & Costumes: Kia Nordqvist
Sound Recordist: Patrik Strömdahl
Sound Design: Jan Alvermark
Sound Mix: Jan Alvermark and Owe Svensson
Music: Gustaf Norén & Shima Niavarani
Graphic Design: Martin Falck
Editing Dramaturgists: Marius Dybwad & Håkon Liu
Choreographer: Malin Elgán
FAD: Saga Gärde
Grading: Rickard Ahlbäck/The Line
Executive Producers: Git Scheynius/Stockholms Internationella Filmfestival, Lena Lindqvist/TeliaSonera, Gabor Pasztor/Europa Sound & Vision, Marcus Wiman/Dagsljus, Jakob Abrahamsson/NonStop Entertainment
Associate Producer: George Ivanov, Stockholm Interantional Film Festival
Produced by Story
In Co-Production with TeliaSonera Sweden, Dagsljus Film Equipment and Europa Sound & Vision
In Co-Operation with NonStop Entertainment and SVT
With Support by the Swedish Film Institute/Feature Commissioner Magdalena Jangard and MEDIA/Creative Europe
Sales Contact : Tobias Janson