Tempo 06

Intro sequence 7th Tempo Documentary Festival

Shoot a late night in an Atlantic City back-lot, just yards from the cold ocean, this clip futures this lyrics:

There is no secret.
There is no secret, there is no mysteries.
There is just destiny and creativity.
Either you have it or you don´t.
It´s inspiration, if you are inspired, and I think if it comes from the heart if you are sincere.
Sincerity is everything.
That to me is the most important part, how sincere is your product, and does it bring joy? And does it bring pleasure. And does it bring information to people, does it stimulate the audience? Stimulation thats the key.

Production facts

Title: Tempo-06 Directed by: Göran Olsson

Produced by:Jenny Örnborn
Sound by: Johanna Olofsson
Shoot on A-cam by Ikonoskop
Client: Tempo Documentary Festival
Agneta Mogren


Commercials based on news-footage

KPA Pension is a pension-company that takes social responsibility by working for a sustainable future. Tobacco is one of four commercials produced by Story for KPA.

Production facts

Client: KPA Pension
Agency: Abbynorm, Copy-writer Håkan Nyberg
Director: Göran Olsson
Agency producer: Mary Lee Sjönell / Copeland
Music: Plan 8
Post production: stop.p
Production year: 2006


Girls Talk/Tjejsnack


Three short documentaries by Hanna Heilborn & David Aronowitsch

Girls Talk/Tjejsnack is a part of the campaign "There are a lot of reasons not to do drugs" screened in MTV 2006. The films are based on interviews with two girls of nineteen. They are talking about their addiction and describe both the appeal of drugs and the backsides. The films explore visually the story without exposing the subjects and use a variation of techniques like animation and infrared cameras. The work of finding new visual solutions and to tell stories in non-traditional ways that started in Hidden continues.

The films were awarded a "Silver Egg" in the The Golden Egg award. And Nominated for The Kolla award.

Production facts

Client:The Swedish National Drug Policy Coordinator
Advertising Agency: Futurniture AB
Year: 2006
Agency Producer: Peter Füle
Agency Art Director: Fredrik Nilsson
Agency Copy Writer: Jenny Gromark
Agency coordinator: Johan Kinnman
Directors: Hanna Heilborn & David Aronowitsch
Camera, graphics & animation: Jonas Nilsson & Carolina Zell
Music: Anthony Mills
Research & assistent: Jonas Fagerlund
Economy: Jenny Örnborn
Sound & mix: Anders Nyström
Online & color-grading: sto.pp
Production: Story AB

Thanks to:
FLIR Systems
GE-Healthcare, Uppsala Imanet AB
Toll & 2
Johan Heilborn
F 12 Terassen
Per Sundström,
And foremost many thanks to the participants

mov tjejsnack_03.mov

Beloved Telephone/─lskade telefon

A video installation

A three-screen projection is displayed in the exhibition Beloved Telephone at the National Museum of Science and Technology/ Tekniska Museet. The pictures are a mix of manipulated old footage of Swedish inventions in telecommunication in the 20-century and newly filmed and animated images. The exhibition exposes Swedish telephones that have developed a worldwide reputation and displays the first models to the latest mobile phones.

Production facts

Client: Tekniska Museet/ The National Museum of Science and Technology
Curator: Susanne Rolf
Production Company: Story AB
Director: Hanna Heilborn, Jonas Nilsson & David Aronowitsch
Camera & Editing: Jonas Nilsson
Archive footage: Tekniska Museet/ The National Museum of Science and Technology
Sound: Anders Nyström
Music: Daniel ”Dana” Bergqvist
Producers: Hanna Heilborn & David Aronowitsch


The Swedish Cancer Society/Cancerfonden


Six commercials for the Swedish Cancer Society/ Cancerfonden. They are a part of the campaign ”We are going to defeat cancer. Do you want to join?”/ Vi tänker besegra cancer. Vill du vara med?”

Production facts

Client: The Swedish Cancer Society/Cancerfonden
Advertising Agency: WatersWidgren AB
Art Director: Patric Waters
Copy Writer: Johan Nilsson
Agency Producer: Per Oholt
Production Company: Story AB
Director and cinematographer: Göran Olsson
Producer: David Aronowitsch
Line Producer: Katarina Wåhlberg
Post Production: sto.pp
Sound: Ljudligan


100 Lax

Title sequence for ZTV

The new series for the new talent in television on ZTV.

Production facts

Directed by Stefania Malmsten and Göran Olsson

Client: ZTV / Jenny Seth and Christer Ekholm

mov 100laxcopymedium.mov


Rodebjer Autum/Winter 2006.

Production facts

Directed by Göran Olsson and Stefania Malmsten


Swedish Fashion ľ Exploring a New Identity

A touring exhibition produced by the Swedish Institute

Swedish Fashion – Exploring a New Identity is an exhibition showing
the work of a new generation of fashion designers from Sweden.

Participating designers
Ann-Sofie Back
Sandra Backlund
Martin Bergström
Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair
Helena Hörstedt
Rickard Lindqvist
Diana Orving
The Local Firm
Göran Sundberg

The exhibition requires an area of about 150 – 200 m² and technical
equipment in the form of directional spotlights and projectors.
The exhibition tour starts in autumn 2008 and is expected
to run for two years, with the possibility of an extended run.

Production facts

Exhibition facts

Curator: Maria Ben Saad, fashion writer and senior lecturer at Beckmans college of Design

Art Director: Stefania Malmsten, graphic designer and art director

Exhibition design: Ola Andersson, architect

Film: Göran Olsson, director
Music: Halvard Waldén and John Olsson

Exhibition manager:
Anna Maria Svensson
Phone +46 ( 0 )8 453 78 00
E-mail: asv @ si.se

Swedish Institute
Box 7434
SE-103 91 Stockholm, Sweden

Kick in a Bag

A promo for The Teenage Idols

'Kick in a Bag' a single from The Teenage Idols latest album 'Something Wicked'.
The Teenage Idols is best experienced live on a stage, so what could possibly be better than to let a documentary film maker capture them right where they belong. That task is not easily accomplished, as the band's performances may easily be mistaken for an out of control missile heading for space. Five cinemato-graphers equipped with A-Cams and surrounded by an ecstatic audience, they captured the Idols' performance of 'Kick in a bag' in one take. Straight up.Inspired by dadaist, surrealist and cubist Man Rays photographic experiments from the thirties, the creative teambrought the exposed film stock to the darkroom.

Without safety net or backup they went to work on the film with laser, flashlights, lighter, pearls, stockings and whatever they could find in the darkness. A technique quite fitting, considering the bands high esteem for the fine and glorious tradition of 'it’s now, or never'!

Production facts

Client: TTI
Agency Producer: Halvard Waldén
Production Company: Story AB
Director and cinematographer: Göran Olsson
Editor: Dino Jonsäter
Shootingformat Super 16.


Title sequence for SVT

Title sequence for the Swedish Television Contemporary art series.
With Stefania Malmsten.

Production facts

Client: SVT Kulturedaktionen
Emelie Persson and Henrik Stockare
Postproduction: Sto.p.p.
Directors: Stefania Malmsten and Goran Olsson