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More than ten years before he made the feature-length documentary At Night I Fly, director Michel Wenzer got to know what would become one of the later film's main subjects, Spoon Jackson. Spoon was imprisoned since 1977 and had since that time evolved into an active poet, encouraging fellow inmates to join him in the special poetry course that the San Quention Prison in California was providing.

Spoon and Michel became friends and started writing letters to each other, which led to Michel wanting to document Spoon's poetry through film. Since permission to film him in prison was denied to Michel, the director went to the locations mentioned in Spoon's poems and filmed there instead. He used the inmate's reciting of his own poems, recorded during telephone calls between the two, as a voice-over.

The result was 'Three Poems by Spoon Jackson', a poetic short film in 3 parts. It gained honorable mentions at multiple film festivals.

"An original and compelling experience" -Made in Sweden, #3, 2004. 

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Production facts

Three Poems by Spoon Jackson
Year: 2003
Duration: 14 mins 
Director, sound and musical composition: Michel Wenzer
Photo: Albin Biblom
Editing: Jens Friis-Hansen

Final mix: Anders Nystrom
Graphics: Anders Önnerfält
Lyrical adaption: Göran Strömqvist
Co-ordinator: Jenny Örnborn 

Music performed by: Anders Hernestam, Andreas Holma, Charlie Malmberg, Michel Wenzer, Daniel Zqaty
Music production: Daniel Zqaty

Made with support by the Swedish Institute of Film, Göran Olsson, Ragnar Berthling, IKON, The Swedish Television (SVT), DRAMA, Film on Gotland and Konstnärsnämnden.