Both At Night I Fly and Black Power Mixtape awarded Guldbagges


At Night I Fly awarded Guldbagge for Best Documentary. Black Power Mixtape awarded for Best Music and Best Editing.

The Black Power Mixtape, directed by Göran Olsson and produced by Annika Rogell, is a compilation feature documentary film that displays the story of the African-American community between 1967 and 1975. It screened in cinemas in Sweden, the US and the UK and is currently screening in French and German cinemas. It has previously won the Sundance World Cinema Editing Documentary Award.

At Night I Fly is a feature-length documentary by director Michel Wenzer and produced by Tobias Janson. Wenzer, over a timespan of 10 years, filmed the poetic and artistic efforts of life-sentenced inmates at New Folsom Prison, California. The documentary has been screened at festivals throughout Europe and in Swedish cinemas.

23 January 2012