Babels Torn på Bobi Bar on SVT


Short political dark comedy airs December 28, 2012

Babels Torn på Bobi Bar, a new short documentary by Gabriella Bier, is finished and set to air on Sweden's public broadcaster SVT on December 28 at 19.00. The film revolves around two men, one being the director's uncle, who meet up regularly in Bobi Bar. The are each other ideological foes and as such cannot stand one another, but at the same time are unable to resist each other’s company. They argue over Muslims, Swedes and capitalism with equal amounts of hostility and humor. A political dark comedy about today’s most contagious ideology – nationalism.

SVT2 fri 28 dec 2012 kl 19.00

SVT2 thues 1 jan 2013 kl 13.30 

SVT2 thur 3 jan 2013 kl 16.50 

SVT2 fri 4 jan 2013 kl 02.25

22 December 2012

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Babels Torn på Bobi Bar

Babels Torn på Bobi Bar Length: 29 minutes Director:…


Gabriella Bier

Tobias Janson