After You to screen at Visible Evidence XX


Marius Dybwad Brandrud's film After You (Efter dig) will be one of the main screenings at the international Film Studies conference Visible Evidence XX at Filmhuset in Stockholm this weekend.

The film screening, organized in collaboration with Cinemateket, will be followed by a discussion between the filmmaker and Prof. Michael Renov, University of Southern California, Los Angeles. Visible Evidence XX attracts scholars from all over the world, and the four-day conference is celebrating its 20th year in Stockholm.

From the program of Visible Evidence XX: "Efter Dig shows a portrait of Marius’ mother. Everyday routine and habitual gestures meet with the unique and challenging experience of caring for a loved one (Marius grandfather) during his last months. Static, lingering framings bring attention to gestures, performativity, as well as to moments of telling silence. The filmmaker is very present in his project of framing and observing. ‘Autho-ethnography’ and ‘embodied observation’ are notions that I associate with the film. Efter Dig seems to transform into a process of enactment, which depends increasingly on the mutual collaboration and understanding of the filmmaker and his subject. The small everyday gestures, the tiniest shifts of expression in Mrs. Dybwad’s face recall the affective impact of framing and duration in moving images."

Find the complete program for Visible Evidence XX here.

Screening information:

Bio Victor, Filmhuset, Stockholm, Saturday Aug 17th, 20.00-22.00:

Leona Babette. Westwood, Los Angeles. (Tova Mozard, Sweden, 2003. DV, 7’)

Efter Dig (‘After You’. Marius Dybwad Brandrud, Sweden, 2013. DCP, 75’) 

16 August 2013


Tobias Janson

Marius Dybwad Brandrud