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Welcome to a new site dedicated to the animated documentaries Sharaf, Slaves and Hidden.

You can watch the films and get an insight into the working processes of the films. Sketches, research-material, animatics etc. are there to see.

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  31 Maj, 2015

NONCITIZEN - a nomadic film and cultural project

NONCITIZEN Film screenings, discussions and Spoken Word at Klarabiografen/ Kulturhuset, Stockholm, four Thuesdays in a row. Still to go is the 19:th of May.

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Citizens often take their citizenship for granted. It can be perceived as a natural state of being while it is actually an idea of humans that protects some by shutting others out. Anyone who is not a citizen can be hunted, suspected, recorded, arrested, held and deported. The requirement of citizenship has resulted in a sophisticated and violent oppression of society's noncitizens. Can we abolish the citizenship? Can we build democracy without citizenship? Without states?

  7 Maj, 2015

Jag är Dublin på Klarabiografen, Kulturhuset, från den 4:e maj.

Jag är Dublin vann första pris för långa dokumentärer på Tempo Dokumentärfestival i mars. Nu går den upp från den 4:e maj på Klarabiografen i Kulturhusets nya satsning på film.

Mer information Klarabiografen Kulturhuset:

The Tempo jury's motivation:

  7 Mar, 2015

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