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Belleville Baby nu pĺ SVT Play

Belleville baby visades pĺ SVT Dox i tisdags, och ligger nu uppe pĺ SVT Play under 30 dagar.

Detta var TV premiären för den hyllade filmen som belönades med guldbagge för bästa dokumentär i februari i år. Länk till filmen på SVT Play här.

  28 Mar, 2014

R.I.P Alain Resnais

  2 Mar, 2014

Concerning Violence wins Cinema Fairbindet prize at Berlinale

Concerning Violence by Göran Hugo Olsson was awarded with the Cinema Fairbindet prize at the 64th Berlin International Film Festival awards ceremony on Saturday.

The Cinema Fairbindet award recognizes an outstanding feature or documentary film, which inspires by the cinematic creativity. The award-winning film focuses on global development and human rights issues contributing to intercultural dialogue and encouraging audiences to discover new perspectives. The winning film goes on to be screened throughout Germany and will be shown to a wide audience.

Concerning Violence screened in the Panorama section of the 2014 Berlinale.

  17 Feb, 2014

Concerning Violence officially selected for Berlinale 2014

Concerning Violence by Göran Hugo Olsson is officially selected to screen in the Panorama Dokumente section of this year's Berlinale Film Festival.

The 2014 Berlin International Film Festival will run from February 6th - 16th. Concerning Violence is one of 16 films chosen for the documentary side of the prestigious Panorama section. 

For more information on the Berlinale screenings, visit the festival's website.


  22 Jan, 2014

Guldbagge to Belleville Baby

Belleville Baby won the Swedish Film Award for Best Documentary 2013

Mia Engberg was at the Awards gala to receive the prize.

Here is a link to the SVT broadcast of the gala, Mia's speech is 51 min 30 sec into the clip

  21 Jan, 2014

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