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Jag är Dublin på Klarabiografen, Kulturhuset, från den 4:e maj.

Jag är Dublin vann första pris för långa dokumentärer på Tempo Dokumentärfestival i mars. Nu går den upp från den 4:e maj på Klarabiografen i Kulturhusets nya satsning på film.

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  7 Mar, 2015

Concerning Violence wins Guldbagge

Concerning Violence was awarded with the Swedish Film Award (Guldbaggen) for Best Documentary 2014.

Director Göran Hugo Olsson was at the ceremony to receive the award. 

Watch the live stream of the ceremony here (Göran's acceptance speech at 58:50).

  29 Jan, 2015

Concerning Violence opens i NYC and LA.

Göran Hugo Olsson's profound essay doc aspires to upset in the truest sense. As its vintage footage of the cruelties of colonial life shocks and disgusts, its narration -- excerpts from Frantz Fanon's thundering 1961 text The Wretched of the Earth -- demands that Western viewers fundamentally upset their conceptions of everything. A commanding indictment of the exploitative nature of geopolitics, and of Europe's and the U.S.'s abuse of native peoples around the world, Concerning Violence pairs up hard truths from Fanon -- Lauryn Hill reads his words, each blunt and burning like a cigarette she's putting out in your ear -- with damnable scenes shot in colonized countries in the 1960s, '70s, and '80s.

 There are revelations here for everyone, but this definitely should be seen by every white American who shares MLK quotes on Facebook to tell black Americans to stop protesting.
Alan Scherstuhl

The Village Voice
"Pick of the Week"

  25 Dec, 2014

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