Jag ville va doms kompis - Wanted to be friends


A film by Marika Heidebck

"We played hide and seek, but they only looked for the others. Not me. They found all them others. 'cept for me." What's it like when you want to join in the games and think that the others don't want to be friends with you. What's it like to home alone through the center of town where the big kids hang. The children we meet are between six and nine years old and all attend the same recreation center. They all try find their place and way of belonging in the group.

Production facts

Director: Marika Heidebäck
Producer: Jenny Örnborn
Productions assistants:
Mia Engberg och Göran Olsson

Supported by: SVT Documentary/Ulla Nilsson, The Swedish Film Institute/Hjalmar Palmgren