Swedish Fashion – Exploring a New Identity

A touring exhibition produced by the Swedish Institute

Swedish Fashion – Exploring a New Identity is an exhibition showing
the work of a new generation of fashion designers from Sweden.

Participating designers
Ann-Sofie Back
Sandra Backlund
Martin Bergström
Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair
Helena Hörstedt
Rickard Lindqvist
Diana Orving
The Local Firm
Göran Sundberg

The exhibition requires an area of about 150 – 200 m² and technical
equipment in the form of directional spotlights and projectors.
The exhibition tour starts in autumn 2008 and is expected
to run for two years, with the possibility of an extended run.

Production facts

Exhibition facts

Curator: Maria Ben Saad, fashion writer and senior lecturer at Beckmans college of Design

Art Director: Stefania Malmsten, graphic designer and art director

Exhibition design: Ola Andersson, architect

Film: Göran Olsson, director
Music: Halvard Waldén and John Olsson

Exhibition manager:
Anna Maria Svensson
Phone +46 ( 0 )8 453 78 00
E-mail: asv @ si.se

Swedish Institute
Box 7434
SE-103 91 Stockholm, Sweden