Kick in a Bag

A promo for The Teenage Idols

'Kick in a Bag' a single from The Teenage Idols latest album 'Something Wicked'.
The Teenage Idols is best experienced live on a stage, so what could possibly be better than to let a documentary film maker capture them right where they belong. That task is not easily accomplished, as the band's performances may easily be mistaken for an out of control missile heading for space. Five cinemato-graphers equipped with A-Cams and surrounded by an ecstatic audience, they captured the Idols' performance of 'Kick in a bag' in one take. Straight up.Inspired by dadaist, surrealist and cubist Man Rays photographic experiments from the thirties, the creative teambrought the exposed film stock to the darkroom.

Without safety net or backup they went to work on the film with laser, flashlights, lighter, pearls, stockings and whatever they could find in the darkness. A technique quite fitting, considering the bands high esteem for the fine and glorious tradition of 'it’s now, or never'!

Production facts

Client: TTI
Agency Producer: Halvard Waldén
Production Company: Story AB
Director and cinematographer: Göran Olsson
Editor: Dino Jonsäter
Shootingformat Super 16.