Ken-Allen and the freedom


This films tells the true story about the young orangoutang monkey, Ken-Allen, who made more than thirty escape attempts from the San Diego Zoo. Created to address to young children, 3-6 years, about the dilemma of the urge for freedom and the uselessness of imprisonment. We see Ken-Allen break free several times, only to be capture to find his cage improved to prevent him from even attempting again. In the final scene Ken-Allen´s desire for freedom in neutralized with a more comfortable cage, soft-drinks and a television set! Sad but true!
The voice over is brilliantly read by the grand lady of Danish drama, Ghite Nørby.

Production facts

Voice by
Ghita Nørby

Story and concept
Göran Olsson

Göran Olsson
in collaboration with
Adam Marko-Nord
Rickard Engquist

Acne Characters
Mats Johansson
Martin Sjöström

Rickard Engquist

Kalle Sandzén
Rickard Engquist
Bettina Ostersen
Adam Marko-Nord
Anne-Karina Gregersen Dal
Andreas Paleologos

Dino Jonsäter

Anders Nyström

Voice recording
Svenn Skipper/HolteWoodStudio

John Olsson

Nordisk Film Post Production AB (i logo stil)

Ken-Allen musical theme
Klas Åhlund

Additional music
Sami Rekik

Göran Olsson

Jenny Örnborn

Produced by
Story AB
In co-production with
Antonio Russo Merenda/Asterisk Film ApS
With the support of
Svenska Filminstitutet, filmkonsulent Gila Bergqvist-Ulfung
Det Danske Filminstitut, filmkonsulent Bodil Cold-Ravnkilde
Nordisk Film- & TV Fond, Eva Færevaag

In collaboration with
Sveriges Televison AB
Danmarks Radio