I Like it Like it Was

A film by Farnaz Arbabi and Parasto Backman

The film premiered at the Göteborg International Film Festival 2011.

In 1991 three teen girls called Midi, Maxiand Efti became celebrities over night and the suburb Akalla was suddenly known all over Sweden. Fifteen years later two old friends try to make a film about the phenomenon. But Midi, Maxi and Efti no longer have contact, and they are not at all interested in talking about the past. A melancholically journey to the past by two friends who have a hard time letting go.

"I like it like it is
and I like it like it was
but I'm not so sure any more
any any more..."

-from Bad Bad Boys by Midi, Maxi & Efti 

Rent/buy on Vimeo On Demand. Language: Swedish. No subtitles.

Production facts

Directors: Farnaz Arbabi, Parasto Backman Film
Editing: Tomas Lagerman 
Sound design: Anders Nyström 
Graphic design: Parasto Backman 
Producer:Anna-Maria Kantarius 
Associated Producers Story:D.Aronowitsch and Göran Olsson 
With the support of: Film Stockholm, The Swedish Film Institute/Andra Lasmanis


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