Fuck You, Fuck You Very Much

The film with Leila K

Groundbreaking storytelling from the hard times of the 90’s.

Rent/buy on Vimeo On Demand. English subtitles.

Production facts

Director: Göran Olsson in collaboration with Carl-Johan Lindgren, Mia Engberg, David Aronowitsch and Patrick Bratt.
Financed by: The Swedish Filminstitute, Nordisk Film and TV Fund, The Swedish Television SVT, YLE, DR and NRK.

yfvm_leila_k_2 FYFVM_Leila_K_2
yfvm_leila_k_1 FYFVM_Leila_K_1
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yfvm_leila_k_4 FYFVM_Leila_K_4
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