Dublin from Story AB on Vimeo.

A 30 minutes fiction film by David Aronowitsch

Dublin is a film about what happens in Sweden after a dramatic flight from a civil war. Daoud is a Dublin case. He has no influence over his future. He is in the hands of a quiet and suppressive system controlling his life. 

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Dublin got Special Mention at BUSTER Copenhagen Internationall Film Festival for Children and Youth. Motivation: "The handsome Somali boy Daoud's loneliness and desperation as a commuter refugee is relentlessly, almost documentary sharp in David Aronowittsch's 'Dublin'. With a lingering camera and long stagnant shoots, the images create a mood of powerlessness that fills the adolescent boy. With deep wonder Daoud tries to comprehend his destiny. He can´t return to Somalia, and he is banished from one country to another up through Europe. A limbo that he desperately tries to break. A quiet and heartbreaking film that makes a strong impression. That is why, the jury has chosen to give a special mention to 'Dublin'."


Leiden International Short Film Experiencem (The Netherlands), 1-8 June 2013

BUSTER Copenhagen Int.l Film Festival for Children and Youth, 5-15 September 2013

Nordisk Panorama in Oulu, Finland, 2012

BFI LFF, London, 2012

Uppsala Short Film Festival, 2012 

Aesthetica Film Festival, York (UK), 2012

Kyiv International Short Film Festival, Ukraine, 2012

Festival du cinéma européen en Essonne, France,2012

Antirasistiska Filmdagar in Stockholm and Gothenburg, 2012

Göteborg International Film Festival 2012

Production facts

Length: 29 min
Year: 2012

Starring: Ahmed X, Eva Melander Leila Haji Linder, Mohamoud Saeed Timawayne, Per Burell, Pierre Tafvelin, Josephine Ankarberg, Zaki Bagheri,
Ahmed Abdullahi etc.
Directed by: David Aronowitsch

Screenplay: David Aronowitsch & Sharmarke Binyusuf
Producer: Annika Rogell

Photo: Göran Hugo Olsson
Music: Michel Wenzer

Assistant Director: Sharmarke Binyusuf
Editing: Dominika Daubenbüchel, David Aronowitsch
Sound: Dan Widegren
Sound Editing: Jan Alvermark
Casting: Catrin Wideryd, Sharmarke Binyusuf
Dramaturgist: Hanna Heilborn, Josefin Johansson
Production manager: Malin Huber
Location manager: Rozbeh Ganjali
Set Design: Molly Carlzon
Costume: Susanna Dalström
Special Mask: Anders Bratås
Camera assistent: Erik Henriksson
Digital Internal Technician: Olle Bolin
Additional filming: Abdirahman Hassan Mahamed
Graphics: Mats Johansson
Post production: The Chimney Pot
Produced by Story AB in coproduction with the Swedish Television with the support from the Swedish Film Institute/ Film Consultant Andra Lasmanis


At Night I Fly & Dublin to the UK


Raindance and BFI London Film Festival will play host

Both At Night I Fly and Dublin will be screened in London this October: Raindance shows the Guldbagge-winning At Night I Fly on October 6 (link) and the BFI London Film Festival is the venue for recently-released Dublin on October 12 & 14 (link).

Prior to the At Night I Fly screening, a special performance by former CRASS front-man Penny Rimbaud will be given. Get a preview-glimpse here: https://vimeo.com/49830637.


15 August 2012


Göran Hugo Olsson


David Aronowitsch


Annika Rogell


Hanna Heilborn


Ahmed Abdullahi


Tobias Janson