Big Mike


A documentary

A film about a Swedish aborigin on a journey in search of his roots. Produced by Nordisk Film och TV in cooperation with SVT, Dokumentär, Håkan Berthas och Hanna Heilborn (Story). Mike was born in Cherbourg, Australia, a former reservation for indigenous australians. Just a couple of days old he’s adopted by a swedish couple living in the country. When the film starts Mike has no family left, he is 21 years old and stays at his best friends home in Northern Sweden, dreaming of becoming a rap-artist. One day he gets a phone call. It’s a woman saying she’s his biological mum in Australia…. From there we follow Mike during three crucial years, on a journey that will change his life forever.

Production facts

Directing and Script: Hanna Heilborn
Directing and camera: Håkan Berthas
Editing: Stefan Sundlöf
Assistant Editing: Johan Bjerkner
Sound Mix: Anders Nyström
Graphic Design: Mats Johansson, Acne
Producer: Stefan Sundlöf
Executive Producer: Helena Sandemark Onsum
Creative Producer: Per Lapins
Produced by: Nordisk Film och TV in cooperation with SVT, Dokumentär Björn Arvas, Håkan Berthas och Hanna Heilborn (Story) together with ABC Australia Dasha Ross, NRK Tore Tomter, with the support by Nordisk Film och TV-fond Eva Færevaag and Film i Västernorrland.