A documentary on Swedish fashion designer Ann-Sofie Back

The film focuses on her radical vision based on the concept of "aspirational glamour", i.e. a visual strategy in which one uses fashion as a kind of disguise to project a better self-image. "I work a lot with 'aspirational fabrics', faux fabrics that lie about their true identity. For example fabrics that are so ordinary that they tend to become invisible, a sequin fabric where the sequins are falling off or a velvet that looks good only at a distance. To me they represent a strive for perfection through fashion that is impossible to obtain in real life. I take interest in how we use fashion and clothes to transform ourselves into something that we are not. How we use fashion to hide our true identity and constantly fail in that ambition because there is no glamour in real life."
/ Ann-Sofie Back in BACK.
The film features Ann-Sofie Back at work in her London studio and during fashion shows in London and Paris.

Production facts

Directors: Stefania Malmsten, Maria Ben Saad Göran Olsson
Producer: Jenny Örnborn
Produced by: Pipel and Story AB for SVT (Swedish National Television)